F. W. Alden (1873-1955)
Jocko-Homo Heavenbound
'99 Badger
The Badger Pharmacist
Jocko-Homo Heavenbound
Puddle to Paradise
The Toadstool Among the Tombs
When Snakes Began to Nurse Their Young
100 Questions for Teachers of Evolution
Alibi, Lullaby, By-by
The Gee-Haw of the Modern Jehu
The "Seven Thunders" of Millennial Dawn
Rastus Agustus Explains Evolution
Buzzard Eggs in the Eagle's Nest
Mistakes God Did Not Make
Dust and Deity
Man, the Harness Maker
Stopping the Stork
Eagle Wings and Asking for the Unwanted


This booklet was first published in March,1924 with a slightly different title, Jocko-Homo, the Heavenbound King of the Zoo, by the Pentecostal Publishing Co. in Louisville, Kentucky.  The first edition (7,000 copies) sold out in twenty days.  Both the first and second edition had plain brown covers with gold lettering.  Then in August, 1924 Dr. Shadduck began publishing the booklets himself, beginning with the third edition, under the imprint of the Jocko-Homo Publishing Co in Rogers, Ohio (later Ashtabula, Ohio).  Alden's cover art (above) appeared on the fourth edition and thereafter.  Eventually,  it would go into ten printings totalling 93,000 copies, the last being in 1944.  "Jocko-homo" is a now-archaic term meaning "ape man". 

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